All About Cavity Prevention

What is a cavity, and how do you prevent them? A cavity occurs when your tooth enamel has been extensively injured–to the point that a hole has settled in the inner parts of the tooth. If left unchecked, cavities can result in infection or tooth loss. If you have a cavity, you’ll want to make… Read more »

How Should I Brighten My Smile?

Here at , we know one secret to daily joy that’s right under your nose: your smile. In fact, countless scientific studies have published data demonstrating the direct connection between smiling and happiness. Smiles release chemicals in the brains of the people around you, making you happier and less stressed. Clearly, smiles are important, and… Read more »

Using Dental Sealants to Prevent Decay

When it comes to fighting cavities, Dr. will tell you that brushing and flossing every day are the best things to do.  However, sometimes the toothbrush may miss a few spots here and there, no matter how carefully you try to brush. Dental sealants are not a substitute for good oral hygiene, but they can… Read more »

Your New Dental Bridge Needs to Be Included in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Regimen

Dental bridges are typically created from special durable dental materials that will not suffer from cavities. However, problems with periodontal health and poor oral hygiene can still affect the two abutments that anchor your new dental bridge in your mouth. To prevent undue complications with your dental bridge you will need to pay special attention… Read more »

Prevent Enamel Erosion With These Tips

Enamel erosion is a common dental issue that many people forget about. It is something that can attack your smile, promote tooth decay, and even cause tooth sensitivity. If possible, it’s best to avoid enamel erosion so you can have a healthy and comfortable smile. To help you do so, Dr. and our dental team… Read more »

Spring into Summer with Dental Veneers

Is your smile in need of a dental restoration to improve the look of your teeth? Are you looking to improve your smile for the summer season to ensure you have the look that everyone can marvel at? Spring into summer with dental veneers. Listed below are some of the best advantages of improving your… Read more »

Top 5 Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Smile

The foods you eat can have a major impact on your teeth and your oral health. Here are some foods to avoid or reduce for a healthy smile for years to come. Starchy and sticky foods: potato chips and other starchy foods can stay on your teeth. If you choose to snack on these foods,… Read more »

Do You Need Dentures, Dental Implants, or a Dental Bridge?

Do you need dentures, dental implants, or a dental bridge? If you have any lost or missing teeth or are scheduled for a tooth extraction in the near future, it is important to have a replacement pair on standby. Leaving an empty void in your mouth can cause many oral health issues including bacteria buildup… Read more »

Toothpaste and Toothbrush: The Right One for Your Kids

Did you know that children are as susceptible to gum disease as adults are? Have you heard that children are getting cavities and tooth decay more often? As you may already know, brushing your little one’s teeth can help you prevent this problem, but would you be surprised to learn that the toothbrush and the… Read more »

Flossing Benefits

Flossing is very important. In fact, it’s so important that it’s vital for a strong and successful oral health. However, many people forgo their flossing routine and head straight to bed. If you’re one of these people, it’s time to change your ways. It’s best to floss your smile at least once a day because… Read more »