The Effect of Halloween Candy on Your Teeth

Did you know that the bacteria in your mouth may be more eager to eat Halloween candy than you are? Bacteria feed on sugar and turn it into acid, which then erodes tooth enamel, exposing teeth to decay. Here’s a rundown of each kind of candy’s bag of tricks: Chocolate: When it comes to candy,… Read more »

How Mouthwash Can Enhance Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Mouthwash is a kind of dental cleaner that carries a wide variety of oral health advantages. You can choose a mouthwash that can safely and effectively help make your smile shine and give you the oral health care you desire. Here are some pointers on how to get the most out of your mouthwash. Mouthwash… Read more »

What is Oral Cancer?

Mouth cancer, also known as oral cancer, is a head and neck cancer which occurs primarily in people aged 40-60, though it can strike at any age. Signals of mouth cancer may include lumps, bumps or knobs of cancerous tissue in the oral cavity, oral sores that won’t get better, and loose teeth. Every regular… Read more »

Understanding the Cause and Effects of Dry Mouth

When you don’t have the proper amount of spit to keep your mouth moist, you may have a condition called dry mouth. Simple things such as chewing, swallowing and talking can become tough as a result. But what’s more, having a dehydrated mouth can raise your risk of dental cavities and tooth erosion; when saliva… Read more »

How Can I Help My Child Stop Sucking Their Thumb?

If your child sucks their thumb at an older age, their smile might be reaping the consequences. The unnatural pressure can affect the development of the smile and mouth. This is why it’s best to help your child curb their thumb sucking habit. They deserve a strong and healthy smile. To help you do so,… Read more »

The Things to Have in Your First-Aid Kit to Help You With Your Smile

If you have ever experienced a dental emergency, you know they can be scary, overwhelming, and quite stressful. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways you can prepare for situations like these, and one of those ways is by stocking your first-aid kit with dental emergency items. To help you do… Read more »

All About Cavity Prevention

What is a cavity, and how do you prevent them? A cavity occurs when your tooth enamel has been extensively injured–to the point that a hole has settled in the inner parts of the tooth. If left unchecked, cavities can result in infection or tooth loss. If you have a cavity, you’ll want to make… Read more »

How Should I Brighten My Smile?

Here at , we know one secret to daily joy that’s right under your nose: your smile. In fact, countless scientific studies have published data demonstrating the direct connection between smiling and happiness. Smiles release chemicals in the brains of the people around you, making you happier and less stressed. Clearly, smiles are important, and… Read more »

Using Dental Sealants to Prevent Decay

When it comes to fighting cavities, Dr. will tell you that brushing and flossing every day are the best things to do.  However, sometimes the toothbrush may miss a few spots here and there, no matter how carefully you try to brush. Dental sealants are not a substitute for good oral hygiene, but they can… Read more »

Your New Dental Bridge Needs to Be Included in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Regimen

Dental bridges are typically created from special durable dental materials that will not suffer from cavities. However, problems with periodontal health and poor oral hygiene can still affect the two abutments that anchor your new dental bridge in your mouth. To prevent undue complications with your dental bridge you will need to pay special attention… Read more »