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Just like some foods are great for your waistline – and others not so much- certain foods are great for your teeth. And healthy teeth are key to a great smile, good self-esteem, and stellar overall health.

But you’d be surprised at how few people know what types of foods are good for your teeth or not. Dr. Damon P. Swenson at CrossPointe Dental in Orem, Utah wants to see you with the best tooth health possible. So that’s why he asked us to put this post together. We’ll help you identify tooth-friendly foods and make the best choices possible.

Fresh fruit is a great food for any diet, but it’s especially great for your teeth. The vitamins and minerals have proven to help strengthen overall tooth structure. The one you’ll want to avoid, though, is citrus. Those fruits have a high level of acids that can do a number on your enamel. You don’t need to cut them out completely – just be careful of how much you eat.

Surprisingly, pasta has some great benefits aside from being a great source of carb-loading for athletes. It’s a great meal that’s filling, and doesn’t leave a lot of residue in your mouth. That’s honestly the biggest problem with a lot of food that’s bad for your teeth. They leave sugary or oily residues behind that become a haven for bacteria.

Choosing the right food for your tooth health comes down to making sure you’re not eating too-sugary a diet, as that leaves behind a lot of junk that invites bacteria. If you have other questions, feel free to call us today at 801-224-7337.