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You strive to take good care of your teeth, but sometimes you may suffer an injury or trauma that results in a tooth needing to be removed. Tooth damage can occur if you have an accident or developed an advanced oral infection that a root canal procedure cannot remedy. Also, wisdom teeth may need to be removed regardless of their health if you have overcrowded teeth, and the same can go for preparing for orthodontia. There may be times when you need to have a tooth removed, and we have provided a review of the extraction process.

To determine if a tooth needs to be extracted, we will take dental X-rays to reveal the severity of the tooth damage. If a tooth extraction is needed, this procedure is typically performed as an outpatient visit.

Our doctor will numb the area surrounding the tooth that needs to be extracted. We may use a general anesthetic or local sedation if we are removing an impacted tooth or you have multiple teeth that need to be taken out. Following surgery, Dr. Damon P. Swenson can prescribe medication such as painkillers or anti-inflammatories. You may also need antibiotics if you are prone to infection or have a weakened immune system. We encourage you to maintain a soft food diet during your recovery.

Recovery typically lasts one to two weeks depending on the extent of your condition and surgery. Over time, the empty space in your smile will be filled with bone and gum tissue, and if needed we can later fill the space with a dental bridge, dental implant or dentures.

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