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While the exterior of each tooth is clad in durable tooth enamel, the internal core made up of dentin, pulp, and other structures can prove to be quite sensitive. Sometimes an untreated cavity or oral trauma can affect the interior of the tooth causing minor toothache pain. Even if the discomfort is minimal, it clearly calls for treatment by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Damon P. Swenson. In just a short amount of time what seems like a minor problem, could exacerbate into a very serious complication.

The first step in the process calls for a comprehensive examination of the tooth. If the toothache is related to an untreated cavity or latent inflammation from a recent dental trauma, Dr. Damon P. Swenson might need to perform a root canal. This endodontic therapy will effectively remove any compromised tissues from within the tooth. Once this is done, the internal structure of the tooth can be reconstructed to prepare an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown.

In a case where a large dental abscess has developed in the underlying periodontal tissues, a root canal might not be sufficient for effective treatment. In a case this severe the only viable way of preventing an infection from passing to your blood is to extract the tooth.

Once your gums have fully healed and any infection concerns have been addressed the dental restoration specialists at CrossPointe Dental can help you understand your options for replacing the tooth. If you are in the Orem, Utah, area and you are experiencing toothache discomfort, you should call 801-224-7337 to seek immediate treatment at CrossPointe Dental.