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Enamel erosion is a common dental issue that many people forget about. It is something that can attack your smile, promote tooth decay, and even cause tooth sensitivity. If possible, it’s best to avoid enamel erosion so you can have a healthy and comfortable smile. To help you do so, Dr. Damon P. Swenson and our dental team have some tips for you.

First, try to avoid eating acidic foods. However, if you do eat these foods, make sure to eat them with a meal rather than snack on them throughout the day. The other foods in your meal can neutralize the acid and help your teeth.

Second, wash the acid away with water. All you need to do is sip on a glass of water while you are eating acidic foods. This will help limit the time the acid is in contact with your smile.

Third, use a straw when drinking an acidic beverage. This helps your smile because the beverage will pass through your mouth and skip the teeth altogether. It’s also important to drink the beverage quickly instead of sipping on it throughout the day so your teeth aren’t exposed to the acid for a long amount of time.

Fourth, wait for 30 minutes to brush your teeth after you have consumed something acidic. This is important because if you brush too soon, the toothbrush will cause more harm than good. Typically, the acid in the foods and drinks wear down your tooth enamel. If you brush soon after, the bristles can also wear away the enamel.

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