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When a cavity forms on one of your teeth, it often starts out small. If you procrastinate seeking treatment, the natural bacteria in your mouth will gradually cause the tooth decay to expand and grow. If a large amount of healthy tooth enamel is lost, your dentist, Dr. Damon P. Swenson, might recommend a dental crown in Orem, Utah.

First, he will need to examine the tooth to assess the extent of the decay. Your dentist will then use a drill to remove the entire tooth enamel layer. This forms a post-like structure of dentin that surrounds the pulp and root. Known as an abutment, it will eventually anchor the crown in your mouth.

Luckily, we can create a custom crown for your unique smile, right here in our office! After it is created, we can then provide you with your crown, giving your smile the healthy restoration it needs.

Once your tooth is ready for the crown, it will then be put in place, protecting your tooth from further bacteria or tooth-decay. This will help keep your tooth protected. Your crown can be matched to your natural teeth, giving the crown a natural appearance restoring your smile.

If you have a tooth suffering from a large cavity, you should not delay in contacting CrossPointe Dental at 801-224-7337 to have it treated and repaired.