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Here at CrossPointe Dental, we consider dentistry to be an art. It is a way for our dentist, Dr. Damon P. Swenson, to perfect the look of your teeth, and just like any other artist, our doctor is passionate about his work. We can make your teeth look amazing. How? Here are a few cosmetic dentistry treatments that we offer:

Tooth Whitening: Our tooth whitening treatments are powerful and, with proper oral hygiene, long-lasting. Here Dr. Damon P. Swenson will dab a safe and effective whitening gel on your teeth and use a blue-light laser to help it bond with your teeth enamel. With tooth-whitening treatments, your teeth will shine brightly and happily.

Dental Implants: This technique uses titanium rods and prosthetic teeth to fully substitute any missing teeth. The rods are connected to the jaw and develop from the gumline. These prosthetics are linked to titanium rods. You have a full set of teeth again, leaving your smile looking better than ever.

Veneers: Small, white plates of ceramic are molded to fit your teeth, then cemented to them. These will cover any blemish, discoloration, or damage.

This is just as sample of what we have to offer. To learn more about what we can do for you in Orem, Utah, call 801-224-7337.