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Welcome to CrossPointe Dental, the practice of Dr. Damon P. Swenson where we offer comprehensive cosmetic, general and family dental care. We are pleased to offer periodontal therapy for our patients in Orem Utah and surrounding areas who are experiencing periodontal, or gum, disease.

Dr. Swenson and our team recommend periodontal therapy to treat the degenerative effects of gum disease, including gum recession. Depending on the severity of the disease, we may increase your professional dental cleanings, use antibiotics, deep clean using scaling and root planing, and even oral surgery to treat damaged gums. At CrossPointe Dental we use laser surgery to recontour the gum line and to remove bacteria and infected gum tissue.

Gum recession–where the gums pull away from the teeth–exposes the root of the tooth making the teeth appear too long. Left untreated, gum recession can cause tooth decay and ultimately, tooth loss. Exposed tooth roots are the result of gingival recession and periodontal (gum) disease, but it can also be caused by trauma and overly aggressive tooth brushing.

If you need to improve your smile this summer with our periodontal therapy, Dr. Damon Swenson and our CrossPointe Dental team are here to help. To find out more, or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call today at our location nearest you!